Acts of God

by Illustrations

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Milchek This is a incredible release. There are bands out there with more clout, more followers and listeners, that can't put out the a fraction of the quality on offer here. Genre blending, heavy, catchy, melodic, well produced, and just fucking awesome. Hard for me to pick a fave track. Looking forward to seeing what is next. Favorite track: Pestilence.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown thumbnail
Alex Brown I've been left speechless before by how amazing an LP was, but this one... I really needed this in my life. Favorite track: Eternal Plight.
Joe Ramirez
Joe Ramirez thumbnail
Joe Ramirez This record won't be leaving my daily playlist anytime soon. It is one of the most gnarly, innovative, and creative metal records to date. Favorite track: This Is The Dark Era.
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released May 26, 2017

Engineered by:

Chuck Macak at Electrowerks Recording
Aaron Bastinelli at Big Orange Recording
Justin Douglas at Shine Studios
Nicodemus Gonzalez at Public Profile

Produced & mixed by Nicodemus Gonzalez.

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Mastering.

Additional production by Joaquin Ramirez, Chuck Macak, Cesar Bernal, John Issac Torres & Edgar Castillo.

Cesar Bernal - Guitar
James Beveridge - Drums
Matt King - Vocals
Nicodemus Gonzalez - Guitar, Bass, Synth, Programming
Tyson Swindell - Bass

Saxophone on 'Pestilence' & 'War Have Mercy' by Bruce Lamont.

Field Recording on 'Last Communion' by Raymond Linares.

Tape Manipulation on 'Eternal Plight' by Justin Douglas.

Album cover shot by Ian Pollard in Seville, Spain.



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Track Name: This Is The Dark Era
What do you expect in return when you dip your hands into the well?
The buildings are painted in black.
Dirt fills the air, the wind is thick.
My only hope is for return.
All for a story, all for a lie.
The skies above weep at the sound of the wretched being, our demise.
We're all slaves to a "master."
(This is the dark era.)
It's the mental anguish, an acquired fear.
Pierced through my soul, bringing only tears.
The city is burning, this is our fate.
A rotting regime only built by hate.
My thoughts begin to diminish.
A lifetime for an hour of "paradise," yet in the end there is no resurrection.
No hope.
No control.
Track Name: Pestilence
This is my death sentence, my pestilence.
You'll never take this away from me.
Unnatural feeling.
Ashamed of nothing.
Your head to the ground, becoming one with reality.
As I taste the earth crumbling beneath me,
this is everything I could've hoped for.
The tears of blood fall, so deserving.
This is the end.
Track Name: Iron Rain
When will I know everything will be alright?
Chased away from what I know, it wasn't meant to be like this.
Constant fear in my eyes, I prepare for the iron rain to pour down on me.
Was this an act of "God," or was this meant to be?
Track Name: Libation
Track Name: A Blessing From Below
The pain we see in truth is the way to light.
What is it that we seek, seen through a fearful eye?
Knelt under the altar, raising my hands in guilt.
Beg for forgiveness.
Wind passes down my spine.
Running and hiding.
Blood for money.
Running and hiding.
This will be left behind.
This is the great demise.
This road leads nowhere.
Transparency is sacred.
Track Name: Harrowed End
Do you remember when eternity didn't feel so far away?
The winter doesn't seem so cold anymore when you're in heaven.
Look in my eyes, do you see the fear?
Look in my eyes, I can't do this alone.
Alone I lie awake listening to the rain.
I don't want to get hurt, but I envy the pain.
Looking for bliss, hopelessness.
Looking for bliss, waiting for the kiss.
Track Name: Chains of Reality
The tide is rising.
The water is shallow.
It's hard to speak when we are hidden.
Are you listening?
I feel so far away.
Is this a disorder or beauty in disguise?
Track Name: The Killing Field
I am a prisoner.
Endless pain, only the pure.
Plagued and sick, I envy release.
Tortured and driven, I fall to my knees.
Is this what I've become?
A glutton for punishment?
The dark days, the ones we regret.
Thoughts of beyond are haunting, yet pleasuring.
The devil calls out for me to agress.
The devil calls out for me to attest.
My faith is suffering.
Wasting away.
Track Name: War Have Mercy
Erased by all, they are the fire that lights the air in days of darkness.
Shameless and cold, a carnal game.
Nothing but hate, into oblivion.
Born into nothing.
Lost from the start.
Did we ever stand a chance?
All hope is gone.
The empty feeling.
The world's demise was dealt by your own dirty hands.
Endless defeat will not bring me down to my knees.
War have mercy.
Lord have mercy.
Track Name: A Vacant Stare
She turned back around, I won't forget the stare.
Uncomfortable numbness.
Gloom everywhere.
The feeling has left me.
Was it always so wrong?
I don't want to wake up.
It was real all along.
I see through you.
I've always known.
I feel better knowing you're gone.
Knowing I'm gone.
Track Name: Last Communion
Track Name: Eternal Plight
To live a lie, to die alone.
Take my soul.
In the end of all things, I chose to suffer.
Alone, where I belong.
All for nothing.
Nothing for it all.